About the "Light Code".

In almost every piece of art I have, you will see these incomprehensible glowing signs. I call this "Light Code". This is one of the technologies developed by ''Neon Corp''. Live it looks unrealistically beautiful and fantastic! It's a little difficult to convey this in art. But it is even more difficult to understand the principle of its action and its purpose! Of course, ''they'' won't tell me that))) It seems to me that this code somehow connects all their developments with some kind of main brain, there is some kind of data transfer. i can only guess))) But it looks cool! I first saw this technology in action when I entered the Anatomy Sector. The cyber-hand hanging in the air Has begun to emit these light signs from its mechanical finger! It was incredibly interesting to watch! I cannot say what the source of this light energy is, but it is very similar to neon gas, which does not require a glass bulb. This stream of light signs is also capable of changing its direction, expanding or contracting, vibrating and changing the frequency of the glow. He can also be outside the object and be independent of it, but not for long. In fact, I'm sure this technology can do much more than just convey information. But for now, I can only speculate and just watch. I also observed these light streams in all their NTS-3 (Next Transition Station 3), at the entrances to any sector and on their guards!( I will definitely tell you about the guards later, especially since I was allowed to show them in my works).