OBJECT: CH000. Anatomy Series… (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

... I recently told you about one of the first objects that I saw live. Today I will show you a modified version of it! As I said before, ''They'' love to combine organic tissues with mechanisms. Other parts of the body, or rather organs, look even cooler and more frightening at the same time! By the way, since there are many different developments in which not only human anatomy is involved, in the future my works will indicate to which series they belong. For example: Insect Series or fast - food Series. (believe me, they have such).

... So, after a long examination of this hand from all sides and angles, having caught a few important moments, I got to one of the points of "Visual connection". Roughly speaking, these are the places from where I am taken, transferred to their secret laboratories and returned back. Almost immediately upon arriving home, I make some rough sketches of what I saw, then I start drawing the finishing art.

A little process ...

... In this facility, I first saw one of their technologies. ''Light Code''. Live it looks unrealistically beautiful and fantastic! It's a little difficult to convey this in art. But it is even more difficult to understand the principle of its action and its purpose! Of course, ''they'' won't tell me that))) It seems to me that this code somehow connects all their developments with some kind of main brain, there is some kind of data transfer. i can only guess))) But it looks cool!

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