Name: Orex. Series: Guardians of the Third wave. ( Neon Corp ).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Not so long ago ''they'' allowed me to show guards in my works! They are called W-3 Guardians ( Guardians of the Third wave). I can't tell you why this is.The guards themselves were also developed by the ''Neon Corp''. Each guard is attached to its own sector, Also in each sector there can be several guards. They monitor the general situation in the sectors and act in the same way in any unexpected situation. Some of them are not tied to sectors, but directly to the NTS-3 itself (Next Transition station 3). They also transport and escort various cargoes between NTS-3 and in general play an important role in the ''Neon Corp'' These guards also incorporate ''Light Code'' technology. As I said, these light signs are almost everywhere here.

Before you is a ''Orex'', guardian from the anatomy sector, as you remember, this is the first sector where I visited. He was one of the first guards I saw, to be honest, at that moment my heart was ready to jump out))) I also thought why some kind of guards are needed here, anyway you won't get into any sector without built-in implants. By the way, a little about this. Some of the implants they implanted in me somehow interact with the thought process! That is, approaching the entrance to any sector, I can just think about what I need there, and the gate will automatically open. But if at least some inappropriate thought flickers, even at the subconscious level, I cannot go anywhere. The security system here is fantastically unreal))) All guards are very different from each other. I think each of them is developed for specific tasks and even specific sectors. In addition to the guards in the sectors, there are other characters that I will tell you about later!


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