''Neon Corp'' Badge.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I drew this badge after another trip to the NTS-3.( Next Transition Station 3). More precisely to the IS-14 sector. It also shows OBJECT: SR003 This badge entitles its owner to return 50% of the purchase price of any rare art from the ''Insect Series'' ... ( Does not apply to the secondary market)! Important: For the badge to work, it must be in your wallet before purchasing any work from the ''insect series''! One badge allows you to receive a refund only once! There are 6 badges in total! The insect series will be constantly updated in the future, as well as other series! I saw incredible specimens there, which I will definitely show you in my arts! The next post will be about one more inhabitant of the IS-14 sector. Heck! in fact there are thousands of them! But each time I can focus my attention on only one thing.


You can get this NFT here: