OBJECT: EG001. Anatomy Series... (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Hey people! As I said, this will be the first job with which I will start drawing ''Series''. This object belongs to the series "Anatomy". Each episode in the future will be replenished by me randomly - that's what it is related with: When I find myself in ''their'' giant secret laboratories, I am taken to a specific Sector. Each laboratory has several levels. there are also several sectors at each level. Getting into the sector, I seem to find myself in some kind of parallel unreal world! Almost every sector can be several hundred meters in length and have several levels. They are crammed with a huge number of different equipment, many of them look unrealistically technological and futuristic. But the most important thing is the large number of different ''objects'' located there. By ''objects'' I mean: animals, insects, plants, cyborgs, strange mechanisms, various objects of organic and inorganic origin. Oh my god! I even watched sharks, sneakers and cans of cola there!!! In general, there is a huge variety that I will try to show you in my ''series'' Being in the sector, observing everything that happens there is physically unrealistic. So I usually look around quickly and then focus all my attention on one object. I watch him for a long time in order to try to remember and catch the shapes, movements, structure, and so on, so that I can then draw something as similar as possible! (If you remember, I am forbidden to take pictures or shoot videos there, I will not be allowed there with equipment at all) ))). Each sector is developing in its own area: animals, plants, food and fruits, inorganic objects, insects, household appliances, human anatomy and much more.

As you might have guessed, this object was in the anatomical sector! Moreover, you could see this eye in my previous post, but this time it was connected to some kind of exoskeleton! You can also see the Light Code technology! In fact, it looks visually much more complex and very mesmerizing. It is rather difficult for me to describe and depict her. Something like a small brain connected to a mechanism, as if breathing, like the fontanel of a baby. It certainly looks scary! The subject studied various subjects, was especially interested in glasses). I also watched several different eyes look at each other and seemed to wink at each other. But when one of them looked me straight in the eyes, I seemed stunned, it was difficult to move, it seemed to me that he was looking straight into my soul, although he was stupidly scanning me.)))

Here is a little drawing process...

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By the way, based on this object, I drew an NTF badge, but more on that in the next story....