OBJECT: FC005. Bird Series… (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Eagles, falcons, crows, storks, pigeons, ostriches, chickens with roosters and more, all this is the BD-9 sector. This sector is home to a large number of different species of birds, from the smallest to the largest! Those birds that "they" have not yet reshaped (such a minority) are in huge cages. I must say that the BD-9 sector itself is huge and has very, very high ceilings))). The giant ceiling is made up of a large number of projection panels. Connected to each other, they project a very naturalistic sky, clouds, sunrises and sunsets and a bunch of different natural phenomena! Maybe this is done so that the birds are not bored, although I think everything is much more complicated. Also, as far as I understand, NTS-3, which contains this and other sectors, is not underground, like most NTS-3, but somewhere high in the mountains. Of course, it is practically invisible to everyone, no satellite can detect it, like all other NTS-3. Incredibly technologically advanced force fields are doing their job.)))

This falcon (I think it's still a falcon, although it may be an eagle, arnitology is not mine))), Was "redesigned" almost completely. His wings (unfortunately I didn't show them on this art) were completely mechanical. The coolest thing is that they were independent, that is, they could disconnect from their master, of course not in flight)), and execute various commands. The metal rods implanted in his head emitted dazzling flashes of light, to be honest, I do not know their purpose. From somewhere from the chest of this falcon came a light code, where without it.)))


By the way, in the process of creating this art, which I create as usual, after visiting a sector and observing each time a certain object, a wonderful artist wrote me - /Rare_Designer. He invited me to participate in his incredible exhibition - Odysseum 2.0. For which many thanks to him! https://beta.cent.co/RareDesigner/+jf7kbc

I gladly agreed! As a result of this collaboration, this NTF was born! Edition 1 of 1

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