OBJECT: RT006. Rodent Series… (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

This time I present to you OBJECT: RT006-RS. I watched him when I was in the RD-6 sector. This sector is home to a huge number of different rodents: rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, some outlandish beavers, jerboas and much more ... This rat, like many others, was part of the flock "N". Each such flock is synchronized with a ''Light Code'', thereby they perform complex commands together. These cyber rats have heightened reflexes and charm. They also have the ability to scan synchronously. These rats are produced in some kind of large, complex installations, similar to old slot machines. I will tell you more about them in the future. In General, at first I was not particularly surprised when I got into this sector and saw rats and mice in glass boxes. For various experiences around the world, these are the most frequent representatives. But later, when my eyes fell on one of the special test field, of course I was just shocked by what I saw! There, just there was one of the flocks, which included rats, several mice and a couple of squirrels. Some of them were heavily mutated, others were connected to cybernetic exoskeletons, many of them had organics replaced with cyber mechanisms. Having passed several such squares, and deeper into the sector, I saw many large machine, which, in fact, minted these cute animals)))


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