OBJECT: SC002. Anatomy Series... (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I present to you another development from the AT-1 sector (anatomy sector) This sector was the very first I visited, and I think I will visit it more than once. It is this sector that I will be showing in my ''Anatomy Series''.

As I understand it, the skull itself serves only as a carcass for this object. Although the brain still remained, it was somehow connected to this mechanism. This time inside the mechanism was the "Light Code" technology. When he rotated, it seemed as if a bright face emerged from the air, he had facial expressions, damn it, he behaved like a living creature! You could even communicate with this light face, it was incredibly sane! Later I saw similar light faces on some of their guards!

As usual, a little bit of the process of this art ...

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