OBJECT: SR003. Insects Series... (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

...I observed this object in the IS-14 sector. This sector, like many others, has several levels, and there is simply an incredible amount of different insects! It seemed to me that there were even extraterrestrial forms! Most of them are kept in special cells called N-boxes. In the IS-14 sector, at the entrance, there are several racks with various equipment. Of course, I do not understand its purpose, except for special helmets, very similar to Virtual Reality helmets, only much more complex. When I first put on this helmet, it immediately synchronized with my implants. (I'll talk about them later.) Approaching any insect, I projected its enlarged, very clear image, it seemed I see them with my brain, with my thoughts, the sensation is fantastic. Actually, these helmets are needed for this, since insects and all the mechanisms associated with them are very small, you need to see everything on an enlarged scale.

While I was watching this beetle, he was investigating something. Some kind of mechanism was sticking out in its side, a stream of light signs came out of it, they vibrated. Of course it was ''Light Code'' technology! In addition, a very small insect flew out of his back, as I understand it was his micro-reconnaissance drone. I hope I will visit this sector many times and show you its inhabitants in my "Insect Series". The next couple of posts will also be related to this sector.


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