OBJECT: SR004. Insects Series... (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

As I promised, I present to you another development from the IS-14 sector. In fact, this time I wanted to observe mutagenic semi-mechanical butterflies or unreal cyber grasshoppers, so that I could then draw and show them to you. But when I passed this scarab, its clear enlarged projection appeared in my helmet.) and I realized that I really want to watch him! This beetle levitated over some kind of special stand connected to an energy source. From this support, streams of light energy (Light Code) came out, it seemed that it was this energy that kept the beetle in the air. From time to time, one could notice how the beetle spits out some kind of energy gel, maybe this is some kind of malfunction, it's hard to say. But the coolest thing is how this scarab shimmered with bright green-yellow-blue shades! His hind mechanical legs moved very quickly, I think thanks to this he runs on the surface much faster than ordinary bugs.

As usual, a little process. Remember: my art does not accurately convey the objects I observe, I draw them only from memory, of course, relying on various references. It is very difficult to remember every little thing observed, although thanks to the implants that They have implanted in me, my visual memory has improved greatly! I think they will upgrade me in the future)))...

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