OBJECT: EG001. Anatomy Series… (Neon Corp).

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

...... Eyes are one of the incredibly complex and beautiful human organs! Not surprisingly, ''they'' experiment a lot with them. When I looked at them, I realized that they were watching me, my movements, sometimes it seems that they are looking into the soul. Actually, this will be their main purpose - observation, scanning, analysis of certain goals. Although I think that they will perform much more functions. It was interesting to see how they change their structure and color of the retina! But it was also interesting to observe the eye connection with various mechanisms! (The next post is about this).

A little process ...

I used to think that the anatomy sector was the creepiest thing that could be in their secret laboratories. Oh, how wrong I was.))) I probably haven't said yet, their secret laboratories are huge areas divided into sectors. Laboratories are like bunkers that, of course, no one can enter. They are common throughout our planet and even beyond ). Each sector is a whole world, with its own developments, I will tell you about the sectors later!

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