The structure of "Neon Corp."

... As you probably already know, in my works I show the secret developments of Neon Corp. And yes! I do this with their permission. I also constantly go to their secret laboratories NTS-3 (Next Transition Station 3). Which are located throughout our planet, as well as beyond. (Unfortunately, they didn't let me in yet))). For all the time, I saw and observed many different, incredible developments there, a huge number of completely different living, synthetic and cybernetic organisms, an incredible number of all kinds of animals, insects, plants, organic and inorganic objects. And as I recently learned, I watched only a tiny fraction of everything that happens there! There is a high probability that even if I devote my whole life to this, I will still not see everything, but at this moment in time I am ready for it!I did not show you a single percent of what I saw myself, because every object I observed, I must first draw from memory, photograph and shoot a video, of course, I am prohibited!

This table allows me to understand at least a little what is there and how. I think in the future it will be updated and modified, and it will also serve as a kind of navigator on my site!