Waves of Time Wobble. (Abstract Energy Series.)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I present to you a series that will be different from all the others! - (Abstract Energy Series.) I decided to tell you about this series and how it came about: In 2018, when I was recruited by ''Neon Corp'', a couple of weeks later I went through the ''N-3'' process. This process involved implanting a certain number of implants in me! The main one was implanted in my head and connected to my brain. Honestly, I don't even know if this process was long and difficult, I was passed out for several days)) As I wrote before, thanks to these implants my visual memory has improved a lot, but the rest of my memory has become worse! They warned me about it, but if I refused, I would never see them again! So, after about 10 days, I began to notice that I visually remember much better, but only when I am in NTS-3. That is, the implant is activated only when I find myself inside the sectors. But then it became more interesting, more and more often in my dreams I began to see incredible abstractions and abstract forms! According to the idea, implants should not work, but their connection with consciousness and subconsciousness over time led to these images. After waking up, I clearly remember the images I saw for no more than two hours, then they seem to be erased from my memory. I think these are all side effects of implants, but to be honest, I'm very happy with this. Unfortunately, these images do not always come in a dream, They appear quite randomly. Therefore, every time I see them, right after waking up I try to sketch them, in this case, I always keep my iPad Pro at hand))

I think in time I can show you many of them...

You can get this NFT here:

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